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How to change the preference in Do Not Disturb or DND Service

We can easily change our registered preferences for not receiving the unwanted commercial calls or SMS at any point of time after three months from the date of registration or after the three months from the date of last change request.

As we know currently there are 7 preferences available for DND -

Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards - 1
Real Estate - 2
Education - 3
Health - 4
Consumer goods and automobiles - 5
Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT - 6
Tourism - 7.

Here is the way to change the preference in DND Service-

Change of DND preferences by IVRS

We need to dial the toll free number 1909 from our mobile and need to listen to the instructions.

Now, IVR will ask to choose the language. Like- for English press 2.

Now, we need to choose the option 2 for changing the preferences and need to follow the IVR instructions for the next steps.

Change of DND preferences by SMS

We can change the preferences in DND like- stop our previous options or add new options for commercial calls/sms by sending an SMS to 1909 in the below format.

To stop the existing options, We need to send the SMS “STOP option_no”

For adding a new option to the already existing preferences, We need to send an SMS “START option_no”.

For example - If we are already using the option 3 (Education) and 4 (Health). Now we want to opt 3(Education) and 7 (Tourism). Then we need to send below SMS to 1909.

“STOP 4” for opting for SMS/Calls relating to Health
“START 7” for opting out the SMS/Calls relating to Tourism

For using the fully blocked category we can send sms SMS “START 0” to 1909.

After receiving our SMS,service provider will send a confirmation message to us for the selected options. Now,We need to send a again the confirmation SMS so that options selected will be implemented.

After getting the confirmation SMS, the service provider will change our preference and send an SMS for our selected preferences with a unique number for change request of our preference.

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