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How to Add a Payee or Beneficiary in your HDFC Bank Account

If you want to Add a Payee or Beneficiary in your HDFC Bank Account then Please follow below steps -

1. Login to your HDFC Bank Account.

2. Click on "Third Party Transfer" link at top menu and then "Add a Beneficiary" link from left menu.

Below screen will come.

3. Now select the option according to your choice like-

For transferring to other HDFC Account click on 1st option.
For NEFT select 2nd option
For RTGS select 3rd option

Now click on "Continue" button.

4. Below screen will come after the above step.

Now enter the Beneficiary Account Number
Re-enter Beneficiary Account Number
Select the Beneficiary Account Type

Enter Beneficiary Name
Enter the Payee Email ID.

Enter IFSC Code

If you do not know the IFSC Code then click on "Click Here" to select IFSC Code.

Below screen will come.

Enter the Payee Bank Name and Branch Name and click on "Search" link. You will get the bank details.

CLick on "Select" link right side of Bank Details.

Now you will come to the main screen.

Now, Click on "Add" button.

5. Below screen will come after the above step.

Now verify the details you entered and click on "Confirm" button.

6. Below screen will come after this.

select the mobile number and click on "Continue" button.

Now you will get a OTP(one time password) on your Mobile.

7. Below screen will come after above step.

Enter the OTP you get on your Mobile and click "Continue" button.

8. Now you will get the below screen that will display your entered details.

9. After 12 hours you will get a SMS that Beneficiary is successfully added.

Now enjoy the Fund Transfer :)

How to Add a Payee or Beneficiary through HDFC Bank Mobile App

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  1. remove some selectivebeneficiaries name from hdfc saving account w/ are already added

  2. How to add a beneficiary in the hdfc mobile app? Please explain that too.

  3. "THIRD PARTY TRANSFER" option is not there in my net banking. Here it's showing but i cant able to see "THIRD PARTY TRANSFER" in my home will get my "THIRD PARTY TRANSFER" link....kindly explain that "THIRD PARTY TRANSFER"

    1. In place of "Third Party Transfer" they changed it to "Fund Transfer". So, Now click on "Fund Transfer" link.

  4. What if i don't have email ID of the beneficiary? Can I write my own email ID and proceed?


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