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What are the different ways to check the PNR status of Indian railway ticket

Indian railways provided various ways to check the PNR status of any tickets.

We can check the PNR status by different ways like - SMS, Phone, Internet or in-person visit to the railway counter.

Here are the details of different ways for checking the PNR status -

Check PNR status using SMS

Send SMS to number 139 with below text.

PNR (PNR Number)

like- if PNR number is 000-0000000 then message would be -

PNR 0000000000

You would get status immediately through the SMS from 139.

Check PNR status using Phone

1. Using your mobile or landline phone dial the toll free number 139.This facility is available for customers of Vodafone,Airtel Idea, MTNL, BSNL etc.

2. Follow the instruction of IVR after dialing on 139.

First, IVR will speak the Welcome message.

Now, They will ask for language selection like- for Hindi dial 1, for English -2 and for Punjabi -3

Make the selection according to your choice.

3. Now they will ask for the services you want to use like- dial 1 for PNR status.

4. Next, IVR will ask for 10-digit PNR number.

Enter your 10-digit PNR number.

Now, IVR will speak your 10-digit PNR number.

5. If PNR is correct then press 1.

Now IVR will speak the detail status of your ticket like- Coach, birth number etc.

Check PNR status using Internet

Visit the Indian Railway website -
click the PNR Status link.
Enter your PNR number and click on "Get Status" button.

Your ticket status will be displayed after few seconds.

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