Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where and How to enrol for the UIDAI Aadhar Card in India

As we know now a days Aadhaar Card being used everywhere like - for taking new Mobile connection, for opening Bank Account, somewhere for taking advantage of government subsidies etc.

Government has added this in valid list of address/ID proof. So we can assume that now this is mandatory for us to apply for Aadhar Card.We can easily apply the Aadhar Card to our nearest Aadhar centre.

Here we can find the nearest Aadhar Card center-

1. Please visit the Aadhar Enrolment Search website.

2. Please select your State/UT.

wait 10-15 seconds..(loading is little slow in this site)

Select your District/City.

wait 10-15 seconds..(loading is little slow in this site)

Now, select your Locality/Area.

3. Click on "Search" button.

You will get the list of aadhar centre near to your locality.

Note:- We can apply for the aadhar card anywhere in India. Nothing mandatory like- home state,district etc.

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