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How to online transfer money from corporation bank to other banks

Now there is no need to visit the branch for money transfer.
If you have Internet Banking username and password for corporation bank then easily you can transfer money from any bank accounts.

This is very easy process, Please follow below steps for transfer money from corporation bank to other banks-

1. Login to corporation bank website using your username and password.

Enter your user name and click on "Submit" button.

Now next screen will come that will ask for password, Please make sure to verify your secure message before entering the password.

After successful login you will be redirected to your account section.

2. Now click on "Fund Transfer" button on top of the account section.

3. Click either on "Within Bank Payee" or "Outside Bank Payee" according to your choice.

Here I had selected second option i.e. "Outside bank Payee", Because my Payee's account is in other than of corporation bank.

4. Below screen will be displayed -

Select your account from "Please select any branch name/account number" list.
Select Payee from "Please select the payee name" list.
Now bank,branch,city,a/c number,a/c type and IFSC code will be automatically populated.

Now enter the payment amount, schedule date(date on which you want to transfer) and remarks.

select the "I have read and agree..." checkbox and click on "Submit" button.

5. Now confirmation screen will be displayed.

Please verify all the details like- amount,payee name and date.

If all details are correct then enter your "Authorization Password" and click on "Confirm" button.

6. Now bank will send a one time password to your mobile/email.

Please enter this one time password in "One Time Password" box in bottom section.

Click on "Submit" button.

Now you will get message that your transfer is successfully done:)

Click here to Add a Payee in your Corporation Bank Account

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