Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to disable or control the photo tagging on facebook

When someone tagged us in a photo on facebook then this displayed to the all our friends's timeline.Most of the time this is fine because we would like to share the photos to our friends.

Sometimes it happens that someone tagged us in the photos that are not related to us, Even these photos displayed to our friend's timeline.Most of the time this happens when our friend list is big and we do not have much idea about all of people in the list.

Here is the quick steps to disable or control the photo tagging on facebook -

1. Login to the facebook with your user name and password.

2. Click on below selected icon(marked in red).

3. Click on "Privacy" link.

4. Now click on "Timeline and Tagging" link available on the left side.

Click on "Edit" link in front of selected item.

5. Below screen will be displayed.

Here, by default "Disabled" is selected(marked in Red).

Now click on "Disabled", you will see a item name "Enabled". Now select the "Enabled".

Its done !!.

No photo tagging will be displayed to your/friends timeline until we will review and manually click on "Add to timeline".

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