Sunday, February 17, 2013

Important things to do for saving the Mobile Phone, When the cell phone dropped in water

It could happen with anyone from us that accidentally our cell phone dropped in water.
Dropping the cell phone in water does not necessarily mean that we need to replace this.
We can save the cell phone by the below steps-

1. Take the cell phone out of water as soon as possible and remove the battery immediately.
As the wet battery can results in short circuit.

2. Remove the SIM card immediately, As most of our important data like- contacts and others could be stored in SIM.

3. Remove other peripherals like- memory card.

4. Remove the water from cell phone gently with the soft cloth. As one drop of water could results more damage cell phone.

5. If possible use the vaccum cleaner to dry the cell phone.

6. Please put the cell phone with high affinity substances like- rice around 24-36 hours. The rice will absorb the remaining moisture.

7. Remove the dust of rice from the cell phone.

8. Now reassemble the cell phone and test it.

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  1. I was on the way to job interview last week and dropped my phone in a puddle. The worst part was that the phone contained all of the info for the interview, including the address and telephone number, all of the notes I had taken on the company, my interviewer's name. I ended up missing the interview and losing all chance of getting the job. It definitely ranks as the most devastating drop I have ever suffered. Is there any kind of phone case out there that can protect the phone against a water drop and not cost an arm and a leg? Please help!!

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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