Saturday, February 16, 2013

Visit Mughal Garden New Delhi - one of the best place to visit

Mughal Garden is one of the best place to visit in New Delhi.This is located in Rashtrapati Bhavan area. As we know mughal garden opens for public every year in Feb-March months. Entry into this Garden is free.

For this year Mughal Gardens and other Rashtrapati Bhavan Gardens had open for the public from 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs with below schedules-

(a) For General Public - 15 February 2013 to 17 March 2013

(b) For Farmers - 18 March 2013

(c) For Differently abled Persons & for Visually Challenged persons - 19 March 2013

(d) For Defence & Para- Military personnel - 20 March 2013

For Maintenance The Mughal Gardens is remains closed on all Mondays. However, the last Monday 18th March 2013 would not be observed as maintenance day and the Gardens will remain open for visitors.

The Entry and Exit is via Gate No. 35 (North Avenue), This is located at the extreme end of the Church Road, this is about 300 meters west of Cathedral Church.

Visitors are not allowed to enter in the mughal garden with any of the following items:

- water bottles
- briefcases
- handbags/ladies purses
- cameras
- radios/transistors
- cell phones
- any writing material
- umbrellas
- arms/ammunitions
- eatables

Although there is facility to deposit these things near entrance gate but there is a lot of rush in the lines, so it is advisable to leave these articles at your home.

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