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Top 10 important tips to increase the Laptop Battery Life of your laptop

Everyone from us want to increase our laptop battery life. Here are few tips that can increase the laptop's battery life-

Dim screen display - There is a options in every laptops for dimming the laptop screen. We can change the setting by clicking on battery icon displayed on your laptop.Adjust the screen brightness going through the same setting. 100% screen brightness always drain the laptop battery faster.

Change the laptop power management setting - Change the laptop power management settings.Now a days every laptop comes with a software that allows to change the power management setting. like- In dell there is options like- Balanced, Power Saver. these include settings like- sleep mode and turn off display after specific time.

Defrag the laptop regularly - As we know that the faster our hard drive works less demand its put on the hard drive and our battery. We can Defrag our hard drive by the feature provided by the windows or using few free software like- Advance System Care etc.

Close the unwanted programs running in the background - Close all unwanted programs running in background.This all increases the CPU load and cut down the battery life.

Remove unused external devices - USB devices (including the mouse) & WiFi drain down our laptop battery. Please remove or shut them down when they are not in use.

Take care of the battery always - It is advisable to maintain the battery life cycle.Do not leave a charged battery for long periods of time. Charging and discharging the battery on regular intervals improve the battery life.

Increase the RAM - As we know when our system runs out of RAM memory it uses virtual memory from hard disk, which is relatively less efficient in terms of power consumption.SO it is advisable to increase your RAM according to your memory usage.

Keep operating temperature down - Laptop operates more efficiently when it is reduce operating temperature that will save battery.

Do not do multitasking - When laptop is on battery then try to use only one program at a time.

Do Hibernate instead of Sleep -Placing a laptop in standby mode saves some power and we can instantly resume where we left, it does not save as much power as the hibernate function does.Hibernating a PC will actually save our PC state as it is, and completely shut itself down.

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