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Few important things to remember for railway ticket booking in India

If you are looking to book a ticket through railway reservation counter, please keep a note of the following:-

1. Check out when the tickets counters are open in your area.
2. Start early from home, so you do not have to wait in long queues at reservation counter.
3. For tatkal ticket carry a photocopy of your ID proof.
4. Reaching early to the counter will give you enough time to fill the booking forms.
5. It is better to fill two or three booking forms(with different trains on your route), so if tickets are not available in one train you can request at counter to check for availability in another train.
6. Re-check your journey dates,train number,class, fill ID proof number if tatkal ticket before handing over the booking form at the counter.

Now a days lot of rail tickets are booked through online in the cities where internet facility is available.
There are some important things to remember when booking a rail ticket online-

1. Be sure about your travel dates.
2. Select the train,journey dates, select the class you want to travel for e.g. - Sleeper,3rd AC …etc.
3. Check for the availability before booking a ticket.
4. Continue only if ticket is available according to your journey dates and train preferences.
5. Keep your credit card/debit card handy, also keep ID proof number ready for filling.
6. Do not panic if your card is charged and your ticket is not booked. IRCTC will automatically revert your money to your account or you can contact IRCTC helpline.
7. Once your ticket is booked, you will get a sms or mail.
8.No need to take print out, As now railway allowed to show IRCTC sms with identity proof.If by mistake you have deleted the sms then again you can login to the IRCTC website and get the sms on your mobile.

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  1. if my wait listed tkt does not conform b4 preparation of chart then irctc will b credited tkt price (Full amount) to my bank a/c ?


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