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Now get delivery of gas cylinder on preferred time of your choice

Normally we get the delivery of our LPG cylinder according to our booking in first come first serve basis.

Many customers were eager to get the delivery on their preferred day and time like- if working couple or single who is working could not be available on week days in day time..

Now under Preferred Day and Time Delivery concept we can choose the service to receive the cylinder on day and time of choice at some nominal cost.

All LPG companies(Indane,HP and Bharat) are providing this facility.Here,I am providing the details related to Indane..

We can make the choice from any of the following:-

Preferred Time Customer -We can prefer the time on any day from Monday to friday.This indicates we are ready to accept the delivery on Monday to Friday on our preferred time.If we miss the delivery,distributor will try to delivery on next day at same time.

Preferred Day and Time Customer - In this option we have the choice to select day in addition of time.If we missed the delivery, next delivery will be in next week same day and time.

Saturday/Sunday Preferred Customer - We can prefer Saturday and Sunday anytime.It means we are ready to accept the cylinder on Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Here is the charges for Preferred Time Delivery -

Preferred Time Extra Charges per delivery towns with population >= 10 lakhExtra Charges per delivery in other Towns
Before 8 AMRs.50Rs.40
8AM to 11 AMRs.25Rs.20
11 AM to 3 PMRs.25Rs.20
3 PM to 6 PMRs.25Rs.20
6 PM to 8 PMRs.50Rs.40
Sat/Sun(8 AM to 6 PM)Rs.25Rs.20

How to register for Preferred Delivery Customer

You can register for this either visiting your distributor or through Indane Website.

For online registration you need to first register on Indane Website.

Click here for steps to register on Indane Website

After the completion of registeration, login to Indane website and click on "Preferred Time Charges" link on top of welcome page and enter your Preferred time and day.

This registration is one time only, no need to mention the day and time on every refill booking.
You can change the day and time of your choice after next six months.

List of cities where this facility available

Currently Indane is providing this facility for the customers in Mumbai,Kolkata,Chennai,Delhi,Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

Also some nearest areas of cities like- Noida,Gurgaon,Faridabad,Ghaziabad,Sonepat,Thane,Navi Mumbai,Mira Bhyandat and Kalyan etc.

Shortly they will extend to all of the cities having population of 10 lakh.

Click here to know how to apply online for LPG connection

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