Monday, February 18, 2013

Now Home Loan and other loans are getting cheaper in India

After the reduction in CRR and Repo Rate by RBI the result is coming to the market as all banks are lowering the interest rates.

Just after cut of CRR and Repo Rate few banks had cut their interest rates in a week.. Now we are seeing that most of the banks are following the same principles to retain their customers..

Now Allahabad Bank, State of Bank of Hyderabad, Central bank, Bank Of India, bank of Baroda, corporation bank, state bank of Travancore, Indian overseas bank, PNB, syndicate bank, bank of Maharashtra, Dena bank and union bank of India
Had cut their base rates..

We are expecting that the lowering the interest rate will increase the market competition and further few banks can decrease their interest rate that will be beneficial for the customer..

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