Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Around 50% hike in Train Ticket Cancellation Charges

According to the recent Rail Budget Cancellation charges on your ticket is likely to be cost more.

Government had proposed to hike the cancellation charges in all class like- Second Class,Sleepr Class,AC Chair Car,AC-3 Economy,AC -3 Tier,First Class,AC-2 Tier,AC First,Executive.

Railway ministry had proposed to hike 50% in cancellation charges for RAC/Waiting list tickets related to all categories.

Hike in Confirm tickets(Cancellation charges) is between 50 to 71% in different categories..For confirm tickets maximum hike is proposed in First Class and Executive category i.e. - 71%..

Below table display the current and proposed cancellation charges for all type of tickets.

CategoryWaiting/RAC ticket Cancellation Charges(as of now)Waiting/RAC ticket Cancellation Charges(Proposed)Confirm Ticket Cancellation Charges (as of now)Confirm Ticket Cancellation Charges (Proposed)
Second Class10152030
Sleepr Class20304060
AC Chair Car20306090
AC-3 Economy20306090
AC -3 Tier20306090
First Class203060100
AC-2 Tier203060100
AC First203070120

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